Coolant Cleaning Systems


Coolant Cleaning Systems


Schematic Diagram


Working Principle

The Lubricant to be cleaned is passed through a rotor, driven by Electric Motor.

Centrifugal force 2000 times gravity is exerted on the particles, depositing them on

Inner wall of rotor as dense cake.

Clean oil return back to oil tank.

With clean oil, wear of tools and dies is reduced and job finish is improved. Teh oil need not be replaced frequently, thereby saving substantially on oil expenses and protecting Environment.


  • Soluble Cutting Oil
  • Neat Cutting Oil
  • Water Emulsion
  • Nut / Bolt Forming
  • Thread Rolling
  • Honing / Grinding
  • Bright Bar Manufacturing
  • Wire Drawing
  • Tube Drawing

  • No Filter Element
  • No Replacement Cost
  • Improved Product Finish
  • Reduced Oil Consumption
  • Extended Oil Change Period
  • Reduced Machine Downtime
  • Reduced Storage & Disposal Cost of Waste Oil
  • Reduced Pollution and Environmental Impact