Oilmax Systems Pvt.Ltd. (Formerly known as Oilmax Systems Pvt.Ltd.) Ltd. was established in 1995. Company specializes in retrofitting oil cleaners on diesel engines for various applications like DG Sets, Earth Moving Equipments, Compressors, Drilling Rigs, Locomotives, Marine Engines, Trucks, Buses etc. Oilmax Systems Pvt.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System with installation base of over 50000 Nos. We have developed this unique system which works on principle of Centrifugal Separation. There is no filter element and hence no recurring cost.

The system is very TEMP effective for achieving fine filtration level upto 1 ยต thereby improving Tool / Die and Oil Life and saving on cost of production.

Centrifugal Oil Cleaning Systems can be used for wide applications like

Aluminium / Copper / S.S. Wire Drawing, Quenching Oil, Forging, Reaming, Turbine Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Oil, Heat Treatment, Fastener Manufacturing, Furnace Oil, Thermic Fluids, Neat Cutting Oil, Bright Bar Manufacturing, Cement, Thermal, Steel Plants Anti Rust, Stamping Oil, Transmission Oil, Grinding Machine, Honing Machines, Compressor Oil, Straight Cutting Oil, Test Bed Oils, Water Glycol Based Cutting Oils, Hydraulic Oil and many more. Centrifugal Oil Cleaner is also retrofitted on Ships and Port Equipments on main propolsion engines, Auxiliary Power Generators, RTG Cranes. Other applications includes Trucks & Buses, Excavators, Dozers, Dumpers, Fork Lifts, Cranes, Drilling Rigs, Locomotives etc.

Our major customers are in india as well as being exported to U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Italy, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bahrain, Netherlands, Dubai, Finland, Turkey, Jordan, Brazil, Riyadh, Belarus , Vietnam, Tunisia, Latvia, South Africa etc.

The product is O E Fitment on BEML Komatsu, Kirloskar, Greaves and Tatra Engines With installation base over 50,000 units.